Our Story

Founder & Creative Director

Gopi Dhillon, Founder & Creative Director

A lawyer by profession, but an artist and foodie at heart, Gopi felt like she needed a creative outlet that combines her eye for style and love of fine food. Her passion lies at the cross-section of art, food and human connection. That is where Board & Peckish was formed.
Beyond just offering aesthetically pleasing gourmet catering, the "soul" purpose of Board & Peckish is to inspire you to slow down and indulge in creating memorable, intimate moments with your lovers and friends. Just like the kitchen table is known as the heart of the home, Board & Peckish is the heart of your gathering, big or small - it is where you gather, not just to eat, but to connect, celebrate and romance.

​All of our boards are created with lots of love and we really hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy putting them together.
Bon Appetit xx